Keeping of accounts 

Accounting is of crucial importance for financial management and the success of companies. The reasons for this are:

Financial transparency: Accounting provides a clear overview of a company’s financial situation. It enables assets, liabilities, income and expenses to be tracked precisely and summarized in financial reports. This gives owners, investors, creditors and other stakeholders an insight into the financial health of the company.

Tax compliance: Accounting helps companies meet tax obligations by properly recording income, expenses and other financial information. This is crucial in order to calculate and pay taxes correctly and avoid potential tax penalties.

Management decisions: Internally, accounting is used by companies to support management decisions. Cost accounting and financial reports provide insights into the profitability of products, services and business processes. This enables management to allocate resources efficiently and make strategic decisions.

Control and prevention of fraud: Accounting serves as a control instrument to detect and prevent financial irregularities and fraud. Companies can minimize risks through internal audits and proper documentation of financial transactions.

Investor analysis: Potential investors and lenders rely on accounting to assess the financial stability of a company. It forms the basis for decisions on investments and the granting of loans.

Compliance with legal requirements: Companies are required by law to provide certain financial information and reports. Accounting helps to fulfill these legal requirements and ensures that the company acts in accordance with accounting standards and regulations.

Overall, accounting makes a significant contribution to transparency, financial control and the successful management of a company. It plays a crucial role in assessing financial performance and supporting decision-making processes at various levels.

We have the necessary experience and training to process and assess your day-to-day business reliably and competently. If you do the bookkeeping yourself, we will be happy to support you on site. Our holistic or selective involvement enables you to concentrate on your core competencies.