Temporary assignments on site with clients 

Temporary assignments in the finance department of a company can have different objectives and backgrounds:

Staff absences and securing replacements: Sometimes employees cannot be replaced in time due to illness or dismissal: With our support, you can close this gap and reduce the temporarily increased work pressure on your employees. With short-term external substitutes, you ensure that no knowledge is lost.

Financial strategy: A temporary assignment can help with the development and implementation of a long-term financial strategy for the company. This can include the identification of growth opportunities, cost reductions, capital procurement, and risk management.

Crisis management: If a company is experiencing financial difficulties or crises, a temporary CFO can be appointed to manage the situation. This can include restructuring, reorganization measures, liquidity management and negotiations with creditors.

Transition management: In the event of restructuring, mergers, acquisitions or other significant changes in the company, a temporary assignment can accompany the transition process, manage financial integrations and ensure that financial targets are achieved.

Risk management: A temporary CFO can improve risk management in the company by identifying and assessing risks and developing strategies to reduce risks.

Internal controls and compliance:Temporary deployment can strengthen internal control systems to ensure compliance with legal regulations and company policies.

Financial reporting: Preparing accurate financial reports and communicating with investors, regulators and other stakeholders are tasks that can be taken on.

Increasing efficiency: A temporary CFO can optimize processes and reduce costs in order to increase the company’s financial efficiency.

Training and knowledge sharing: During the temporary term of office, the internal finance team can be trained and knowledge and best practices can be passed on.

Hiring a temporary CFO or accountant offers companies a flexible solution to respond to short-term or specialized financial challenges without having to permanently hire a finance person. The temporary nature of the commitment allows companies to respond to changes in their financial requirements and objectives without entering into long-term commitments.

We have the necessary experience and training to support you competently and efficiently in the complex and challenging environment of financial accounting. Our temporary holistic or selective involvement enables you to react flexibly to changes and continue to concentrate on your core competencies.