Structuring and restructuring 

Structuring and restructuring are corporate strategy approaches that aim to make the organization more efficient, agile or competitive.

Structuring: Corporate structure refers to the way in which a company is organized, including the hierarchy, distribution of tasks, and communication channels. A well thought-out structure can increase efficiency and make it easier to achieve the company’s goals.

Restructuring: Restructuring involves changes to the existing structure, often in response to internal or external challenges. This may include mergers and acquisitions, divestments of business units, changes in management or other organizational adjustments.

There are many reasons for restructuring and reorganization:

Increase in efficiency: An optimized structure can improve processes and reduce operating costs.

Adapting to market changes: Companies must adapt in order to remain competitive. This could mean focusing on new products, markets or technologies.

Cost savings: Restructuring can enable cost savings through efficiency gains, staff reductions or the disposal of unprofitable business areas.

Agility: More flexible structures enable companies to react more quickly to changes in the economy or the market.

Process of restructuring:

We support you in identifying weaknesses and challenges in the current structure, develop a plan for restructuring, including resource allocation and timeframe, and implement the planned changes with you, taking into account the impact on employees and business operations. Finally, we support you in monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the restructuring.

We have the necessary experience and training to support you competently and efficiently with structuring and restructuring.