The audit of the annual financial statements is an essential part of financial reporting for companies and organizations.

Audited financial statements strengthen the confidence of investors, creditors and other stakeholders in the company or organization. Confirmation of the correctness and accuracy of the financial information provides security. The audit helps to identify and address financial and business risks. This enables management to take proactive measures to prevent or resolve potential problems. Investors and creditors can make more informed decisions by accessing and relying on verified financial information. This also applies to management, which can make sound business decisions based on the results of the audit. The audit ensures that the company fulfills the legal and regulatory requirements. This helps to avoid legal consequences and penalties. A positive audit opinion is also a relief for the management.

We carry out an independent and objective audit of your annual financial statements in accordance with PGR, Swiss GAAP FER, OR or IFRS for and with you as statutory auditors or auditors. We have the necessary experience and training to reliably and competently fulfill the high demands and tasks of today’s auditing. We attach great importance to personal support and tailor our approach to specific sectors and disciplines in order to guarantee you maximum transparency, cost-effectiveness and benefits.