Audit of group financial statements

Consolidated financial statements and their audit help to identify and manage financial and business risks in connection with complex group structures with many subsidiaries and business units. This enables management to take proactive measures to prevent or solve potential problems. Audited consolidated financial statements strengthen the confidence of investors, creditors and other stakeholders in the Group’s financial reporting. Confirmation of the correctness and accuracy of the consolidated financial information increases the credibility of the company. More informed decisions can be made. An audit ensures that the consolidated financial statements comply with the chosen set of rules, such as international accounting standars (e.g. IFRS), which facilitates the comparability of financial information across national borders.

We carry out an independent and objective audit of your consolidated financial statements in accordance with PGR, Swiss GAAP FER, OR or IFRS for and with you as appointed and/or statutory auditors or as auditors. We have the necessary experience and training to reliably and professionally fulfill the high demands placed on the audit of consolidated financial statements. We take an independent and objective approach to your affairs, placing great emphasis on transparency, cost-effectiveness and benefits.