Preparation of expert opinions 

Customised reports from an independent auditor are valuations or reports tailored specifically to the individual needs and requirements of a client. These reports are prepared to evaluate, review or analyse certain financial, economic or business aspects. Below you will find some examples of customised expert opinions and their purposes:

Due diligence report: In the event of a company takeover or merger, an independent auditor can prepare a due diligence report. This report analyses the financial health, business practices and legal obligations of the target company. It helps the buyer to identify risks and opportunities before a transaction is finalised.

Valuation report: An auditor can prepare a valuation report to determine the value of a company, shareholding or asset. This may be necessary in the context of sales or purchase negotiations, inheritance planning or tax matters.

Compliance reports: Companies can engage independent auditors to provide compliance opinions to ensure that they fulfil the legal and regulatory requirements in their business area. These expert opinions can help to minimise potential legal risks.

Internal control opinions: A company may commission an internal control opinion to ensure that its internal control systems are effective and that financial risks and fraud are minimised. This is particularly important for adherence to accounting standards and compliance requirements.

Financial analysis and reporting: An independent auditor can perform a tailored financial analysis and prepare specific reports to assess the financial performance of a company or organisation. These reports can contain important key figures, trends and recommendations.

Transaction reports: For business transactions such as mergers, purchase agreements or financing, an auditor can prepare transaction reports to review and evaluate the financial and operational aspects of the transaction.

As an independent auditor, we prepare customised expert reports. The above examples are just a few of the many applications for customised expert reports. These reports enable you to make informed decisions, minimise risks, meet legal requirements and improve financial performance. They are specifically tailored to your individual needs and requirements and contribute to transparency and accountability.