Takeover of tax representation 

When assuming the tax representation, a professional tax representative takes over the management of your tax affairs.

There are many reasons why someone might want to use the services of a tax representative. These include the complexity of tax laws, the need to comply with tax regulations, the optimization of tax strategies, the representation during tax audits or the assistance in dealing with tax problems. Tax representatives can represent the taxpayer before the tax authorities and help with communication and negotiation with the tax authorities. This may be necessary during a tax audit or for other tax matters. An important aspect of tax representation is to develop tax structuring strategies and provide tax planning services to minimize the tax burden and ensure tax compliance. If there is a legal dispute with the tax authorities, a tax representative can represent the taxpayer in court and help to resolve the matter.

Having our proven specialists take over your tax representation is an effective way to manage tax issues, optimize tax burdens and ensure tax compliance. We identify both opportunities and risks and optimize your tax situation. We attach great importance to personal support and strive to guarantee you maximum cost-effectiveness and benefits.